Organize With Ikea Pegboards

Organize #withme I can think of worse places to be stuck than my home. Today was a great day to organize my HAPPY PLACE. I love to surround myself with pretty things when I start to create. See my favorite things I can’t live without and how easy it is to use an IKEA pegboard […]

Embellish® Maker: Auto Digitizing Wizard Part 1

In this video using Embellish® Maker Software from RNK Distributing, Hope Yoder shows you what types of images work best using the Auto Tool, how to find images and determine which images to look for to use with the Auto Digitizing Wizard. This tool isn’t made for SVG files. Watch part one of a three-part […]

Applique Door Stopper Part 1

Welcome to the first video in our series on how to make a quilted applique door stopper! In this video, Hope walks us through how to use CraftNCut software to turn embroidery files into applique cut files.

Auto Mylar Embellish Maker Software FREE Update

Transform any shape, include machine appliqué designs, into one-click auto Mylar designs using Embellish Maker Embroidery Software from RNK Distributing & Hope Yoder. This is so fast and easy for a beginner, yet powerful enough for an expert software digitizer. Click HERE for a free demo download version of the software. Find more free updates […]

Embellish Maker Software: 8 New Embossed Shapes

Embellish Maker Embroidery Software just released a FREE new update and part of that added 8 new one-click wonder embossed shapes. Use the emboss feature to trap the nap of Minky, fleece, towels, fake fur and more. Embellish Maker Software is from RNK Distributing & Hope Yoder. This is so fast and easy for a […]

How To Make An Appliqué Cut File with Embellish™ Maker & Craft-N-Cut Software

This video shows you how you can use Embellish™ Maker & Craft-N-Cut Software to create the perfect size applique cut file for your digital cutter. Did you know if you own Craft-N-Cut software, it loads and becomes fully functional inside of Embellish™ Maker? Find the CUT PREVIEW AND SAVE2CUT functions inside of Embellish™ Make with […]

Meet Hope Yoder

I want to introduce myself. My name is Hope Yoder and I am an avid machine embroiderer, crafter, and Sewist. I am also the owner of Designs By Hope Yoder, a machine Embroidery company specializing in designs for the home sewing industry and the face of Craft-N-Cut™ software. I have recently teamed up with America’s leading […]

Embellish™ Maker Software Fundamental Video 4

Embellish™ Maker Software Fundamental Video 4 Icons in Edit Menu Select, Select All, Shape, Slice, Pan, Ruler Find a store near you or one you can call to order Embellish™ Products HERE!

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