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I love Canva Pro and use it multiple times a day in our business. Upgrading to the Pro account was a game-changer for our business because its capabilities are so robust. We can take an image and remove the background, create swoon-worthy ads, upload SVG files, use our branding colors and logos, and so much more.  

Anyone who has ever had a computer crash and lost all their data knows the importance it is to work with a backup service that is both easy to use and reliable. I’ve tried several different options over the last 20 years to mixed results. By far, my favorite is Backblaze. It’s cost friendly, offers unlimited file sizes and worth the peace of mind.

Because we create videos and host hands-on laser retreats for our Premier Laser Memberships, we know how fast a hard drive can be maxed out. As a virtual hard drive, Dropbox makes my life so much easier by allowing me to use it as if it were a folder on my desktop with tons of storage. We can copy, paste, share, edit and even save our entire business in one easy-to-use cloud storage application. Plus, my team can access all our important files from any device.

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