AEON LASER – Bigger, Faster, Stronger


Hi, my name is Hope Yoder, and I love my Mira Lasers from Aeon. We run a full-time engraving shop in Sarasota, FL, and use our lasers for production and as a part of laser-learning hands-on education.

In the photo, you can see our Mira 5, Mira 9, and Nova 14! Mama bear, pappa bear, and baby bear!

Picking the right laser can be confusing. Keep reading if you want to make an informed decision on what the best choice is for you, whether you want a laser for a hobby or to jumpstart your business. I LOVE MIRA lasers from AEON. While it wasn’t my first laser, they are our only lasers now that we see the difference in brands.

If you’d like more information or pricing on Aeon Lasers, please click on my partner link HERE and click on the “Pre Order Yours Today!” button. Thank you for mentioning Hope Yoder in the referral field.  Please help me get compensated so I can continue doing what I love, playing with my lasers and bringing you fresh content!

I want to invite you to ENROLL in my FREE Laser Course that is filled with all the things you should know before pulling out your wallet. I wish I had this course before I purchased my first laser (which was a costly mistake). ENROLL in my free laser course HERE.

Watch this short video to see why I choose AEON!


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