Sarasota Laser Meet Up – February 7, 2024


Laser Meet Up in Sarasota, FL

Date: Wednesday, February 7th

Time:1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: 6341 Porter Road #12, Sarasota, FL 34240

Cost: $75 per person

We’re excited to invite laser engraving machine owners to our informative and interactive workshop at our studio. This session is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills in laser engraving, including:

Expert Marketing Strategies: Uncover effective techniques to promote your laser engraving services.

Pricing Insights: Learn how to strategically price your work for maximum profitability.

Networking Techniques: Explore effective networking methods to grow your business connections.

Interactive Demos: Participate in hands-on demonstrations showcasing advanced laser engraving methods.

Valuable Business Tips: Gain insights into various aspects of running a successful laser engraving business.

Following the workshop, join us for a group dinner where you can mingle, network, and share experiences with fellow laser engraving enthusiasts. Please note that dinner expenses are not included in the workshop fee.

Spaces are limited! Secure your spot now to enhance your laser engraving expertise.


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