Lace Jeans Are Trending

Who doesn’t love a good pair of iconic jeans? They never go out of style and are easy to embellish.

What You Will Need:

Preparing Your Jeans

  • Wash your jeans if they are new to remove the excess dye and pre-shrink.
  • For the back pocket, use a water soluble marker to draw vertical and horizontal lines on the back pocket.
  • Load the square design onto your machine.
  • Find a Fast Frame that will fit inside of your pocket. To figure out which one will work, place the frame on the embroidery arm and slide the pocket over the free arm area and make sure there is enough room for the pocket to move freely while the machine is moving. 
  • Take the jeans off the frame and apply a piece of sticky stabilizer to the hoop. Put the frame back on the embroidery arm and slip the pocket over the hoop, making sure the free arm goes inside of the pocket as well and center the embroidery design over the drawn lines.

  • It’s very important to make sure that you “trace” the embroidery design to make sure the needle won’t hit the frame during the embroidery since the third party specialty hoops do not register on the embroidery machine.
  • If you have an automatic basting feature on your machine, go ahead and baste the design to the stabilizer.  
  • Once you have made sure your design is inside the hoop area, go ahead and push start.  Don’t leave your machine, stand close by, continually watching to make sure the pocket doesn’t shift while embroidering. The larger the size of jeans, the less likely shifting will occur as there is more surface area to manipulate. So go ahead and eat that c-u-p-c-a-k-e!
  • Remove the pocket from the hoop and repeat the same steps to embroider the second pocket.
  • To embroider inside the front pocket, pick a smaller frame and audition the design to make sure you have the right size hoop and that you will be able to embroidery far enough into the pocket that it won’t stitch on the edge.
  • Add the sticky stabilizer, baste in the hoop, trace your design and embroidery away! I love this circle design, don’t you?

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