Here’s a fun, unique way to create customized spatulas and other kitchen utensils for your home. You can purchase a wooden set of kitchen utensils at your local store our see our fresh pick HERE. Add a little paint, permanent vinyl and give it a good seal and bam! You’ve got some jiggy conversation pieces.


Tape off the handle as desired. Paint 3 coats of acrylic paint below the tape, allowing paint to dry between each coat. When almost dry, gently remove and discard the tape.

Design your text using Craft-N-Cut Software and cut out the vinyl. Weed or remove the background vinyl and apply a piece of transfer tape over the text that remains on the paper baking. Scrape on top of the tape and remove the tape making sure the vinyl lifts off the paper. Some great ideas:

Apply the tape to painted handle and scrape on top of the tape so the vinyl transfers to the handle. Tape off the handle again in the same area before the paint was applied and add 3 coats of Mod Podge following the manufacturer’s directions.

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