Secret To Embroidering On Grosgrain Ribbon

Ever tried to embroider on grosgrain ribbon? Have you made key fobs or other embellishments with ribbon only? It’s a love-hate thing. With the right stabilizers, it is easy, quick and fun. Just look at this embellished lunchbox. On the ribbon, use used our tiny little monster designs found in the “Text Me Mini Designs” CD. To find a dealer near you, click HERE.

Secret To Embroidering On Grosgrain Ribbon

  • Buy grosgrain ribbon and cut Embellish™ Fusible Bold Tearaway slightly smaller than your ribbon width
    • If your ribbon is 1″ wide, cut the tearaway 7/8″ wide
  • With a medium temperature iron fuse the tearaway to the wrong side of the ribbon so it is fused well and won’t lift off, ever
  • Hoop Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway with the shiny side facing up. Score, remove and discard the release paper
  • Open the monster designs inside of Embellish™ Maker Software and arrange as desired.


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