Hi my name is Hope Yoder and I’m the owner of the Hope Sew Creative Shop. I’m excited to announce we have over 45 different designs you can put on an Apple Watch Band or on a FitBit Versa Watch Band. We recently added some fitness bands for those whole love to workout. The fit bands were due to several custom order request from different Facebook Groups. We have several more in the works so stay tuned.

We love the unfilled versions on the light colored bands

We have 15 sewing and quilting related bands for all my longtime sewing buddies. You may recognize some of my friends names on the pictures including mine.

Our latest band was a custom order for a customer who wanted a medical alert band making a fun fashion statement while being prepared for emergencies. These can be customized with your info, allergies and more. Just shoot us an email and we can make one for you too.

We make each band in our warehouse in Sarasota, FL by adding the personalization. Once that is done we put send it the in back for production and laser engrave the band. The band is cleaned and prepared for shipping. Some choose to fill the band in with ink. Here are a few tips on that options.

We highly recommend choosing a band that isn’t filled with ink (like the antique white fit band above). The details are very fine and the light colored bands are BEAUTIFUL without ink. They are our favorite. Sometimes customers pick light colored bands and then choose white ink instead of black. They are probably our least favorite because the white ink doesn’t show well on light bands. If you are picking a light colored band we recommend you leave it unfilled or choose black ink. The whole process can take up to an hour to complete. We custom make each band in the order it was received which means the process can take up to 10 business days from the time the order was placed. Here is picture showing what ink or no ink means.

If you are choosing to add ink to your bands here are a few things to know:

  1. The ink fades lightly over time. We have been wearing ours non-stop for over 6 months and Jillian swims, showers and works out in her band and it still looks great.
  2. Ink can smudge slightly in humidity. The watch bands are made from silicone and are super soft and comfy to wear. Not much sticks to silicone including ink. Engraving roughs up the surface and creates an environment where ink will adhere to silicone.
  3. Ink fills the engraving and looks “distressed” rather than a solid ink fill.
  4. White ink looks more “distressed” than black. We prefer un-inked to white ink
  5. Most bands look AMAZING without filling them in with ink

We just finished engraving the bands shown below (Violet and Apricot) and I LOVE them without ink. What do you think? We would love to make a band for you. We appreciate your business!

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  1. Hi Laddies-our Granddaughter got an Apple watch from Santa. She is an Equestrian, do you have any bands with a “Horse” theme? Thank You!

    1. We are happy to do a custom band. Please email us a photo of what you have in mind and we can get started. Thank you for your business.

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