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If you own a Laser such as an Aeon Mira (Nova, Boss, OMTech, Thunder, etc.) you NEED these pages. I constantly lost track of my settings and spent too much time searching through groups and websites, trying to remember what setting I used. This listing is not recommended for a Glowforge laser. Find our Glowforge planner pages HERE

We have designed some cool reference tools to help you record all of your own personal settings for the laser. There are six different types of pages that are super easy to use. Open the file in Acrobat Reader,  start typing in any purple box. When you are done, rename the file and Save AS using your own title and print.

I am a huge BIG HAPPY PLANNER fan and have included four different title pages that can be used for a notebook cover or material category pages. When you are finished editing the documents, print the pages and hole punch using either a three-ring binder punch OR an 11-hole punch for the Big Happy Planner. 

If you own a Glowforge Laser, we have files specifically for the Glowforge and proofgrade material. Click HERE for the Glowforge files.


If you are looking for more planner pages or a personalized fun cover for your planner check our selections HERE.

If you own a laser we would love to have you join our private laser engraving Facebook Group.

I love my Aeon Mira 5 laser. Send me an email to find out more details on why I love this laser.

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