Download_Jig_Versa2 Watch; Small & Large


FitBit Versa 2 Watch Band Cardboard Jig for all brands of lasers including the Glowforge.



***The video above is a small clip from the full length video included in the optional jig files you can purchase from our shop. The jigs include a full length video with sound.


  • Versa2 Watch Band Size: Small
  • Versa2 Watch Band Size: Large
  • Video Tutorial on how to use the files to center designs on an engraved watch band 

Q: What is a jig?

A: It is an outline shape of the Watch bands used for centering.

Our video shows how to arrange your band designs with our jig and use recycled cardboard to center the design WITHOUT using the camera!

This INSTANT DOWNLOAD includes everything you need to center designs on watch bands without having to rely on the built-in camera on your laser. Most built-in cameras have a fish-eye lens which is never accurate. I came up with this method of using a one-time cardboard jig to merge my graphics with the outline of the watch bands for perfect centering.

The download includes the jig files and an instructional video on how to use recycled cardboard with our files to center your designs. I have shared this method in many laser groups and created my own jig files that fit snug, without having to use honeycomb pins.

We have engraved 100’s of watch bands for our customers and they come out centered every time and, not once have we used the camera on our Glowforge Pro!

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