Round Pizza Peel Board + Cutter Bundle


PIZZA PEEL + PIZZA CUTTER – personalized!

Hand-crafted from superior wood with a tapered design that slips under the pizza easily. The 8″ handle is easy to use, slipping the pizza in and out of the oven or works great for carrying the pizza to your table.

Includes the personalized pizza peel board and one pizza cutter.


  • Overall length 22″
  • Handle length 8″
  • Blade length 14″

Easy to Clean

To clean your peel, use a non-metal spatula or dough scraper to remove leftover remains. Avoid metal utensils as these can potentially cause dents and dings in your peel, which can cause hot spots for bacteria collection. Once the hardened debris is removed, you should wipe down your peel with a damp sponge or cloth and hang it up to air dry. You want to avoid soaking or submerging your wooden peel in water, which can cause your peel to crack and warp. We recommend sealing your peel with food-safe oil on the surface for optimal performance.

Each board is expertly laser engraved, washed, and sealed with food-safe oil and a finishing paste. Hand wash only. To maintain this board’s natural beauty, it should be wiped down with a damp cloth after use and occasionally sealed with mineral oil for long-lasting durability.

Engraving Color Variations: Our boards are engraved using a laser. Through the burning process, the coloration of the end engraving will vary depending on the particular board and how it reacts to the laser.

Our Boards are custom-made in the order received. Typically they ship 10-14 business days after the order was placed. Does not include the knife or herbs.

** All sales are final, and returns/exchanges/cancellations are unavailable.

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