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Meet our compact, hand-painted birch wood QR Code stand—a trade show essential for modern businesses. It bypasses outdated solicitation methods with three QR codes: one for Google reviews and two for social media. Designed to capture attention at trade shows, this stand boosts your digital presence and simplifies online customer engagement, making it a must-have for enhancing your exhibit, office or shop.

Ordering is simple: Place your order, then email with your logo files, Google review URL as instructed in our video (, and your Instagram and Facebook URLs. We’ll handle the QR code generation and craft your unique stand. Each stand is one-of-a-kind.

Want to use TikTok or another social platform? Not problem. Add that to your email with the links and we got you!



  • 1/4″ birch wood
  • Approximately 8″ tall x 5.24″ wide (varies depending on the logo)
  • Permanently laser engraved text as shown in our sample: How did we do? Word of mouth is everything. Thank you for leaving us a 5 star review! Follow me on social media”
  • The top shape is customized for your business (no two look alike) – Email with ALL of your vector logo formats; .pdf, .ai, .eps –  (yep, we need them all). Or, ask us for a quote to remake your logo.
  • Includes 1 revision after the final shape and text have been selected

Need something else? Shoot an email to

** All sales are final, and returns/exchanges/cancellations are not available. Ships in 14-21 business days from the time of the order and logo and URL links are received.

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